Policies & Accreditation

Safety & Health Policy

Oracle Energy is committed to achieving the highest standards of Safety & Health. In doing so we aim to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors, clients and the community. To achieve this, Oracle Energy will:

  • Provide and maintain healthy and safe work areas, and safe plant and equipment through a pro-active approach to identification of workplace hazards and assessment and control of risk.
  • Provide safe systems of work to minimise the risk of injury to personnel. 
  • Seek continuous improvement in safety and health through ongoing monitoring, auditing and review of our safety and health management systems.
  • Comply with all relevant legislative requirements including regulations, standards and codes of practise and where appropriate legislative requirements do not exist, implement standards that reflect the company’s commitment to safety and health.
  • Maintain a consultative approach involving employees, contractors and clients in the improvement and safety and health.
  • Provide appropriate and adequate supervision.
  • Provide appropriate information, instruction and training to employees so that they are able to carry out their roles safely and in a manner consistent with the company’s high standards.
  • Communicate openly with employees and the government on occupational health and safety issues; ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors are informed of and understand their obligations in respect of this policy.
  • All managers, supervisors and employees are accountable for health and safety performance in their area.
  • All employees are expected to follow safe work practices, observe company safety rules and report workplace hazards, incidents and near misses to their supervisors.  Everyone is expected to use his or her job skills and knowledge to improve safety.


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